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Hello, my name is Marius, founder and manager of Kiddo World, the one who will answer your e-mails and phone calls. I got familiar with the birthday entertainment business about 7 years ago when some close relatives started to work as performers for a birthday party company.

I made friends with many other entertainers during this time. I also participated on occasion to some of the events as a helper giving me the opportunity to see them close at work and a first hand learning experience.

I heard many stories from them about this business, what do they like about it and what they did not. What would they like to do different, regarding both the interaction with the customer and with their manager.

I have seen people that did this kind of work for many years, others that gave up after just a couple of shows, and heard about some that did not even reach their first show leaving a customer stranded. This showed me once again that this job is not easy, it is not for everybody, reliability is a must and that it needs adequate training and a lot of it.

I learned a lot during the years and I really like it. I was always thinking that some day I would like to start a children entertainment business that would give me the chance to apply all the good ideas that I got during these years and avoid all the mistakes that I have seen being done.  

My background is in engineering, so I like things done right, and I also have an artistic inclination and a desire to please people. Beside a passion about my work I also bring to this business an excellent work ethic and program management skills. 

Being an engineer in Silicon Valley is great, and it keeps you very busy with little time for other ventures. But then the 2008 recession came and all of a sudden I had a lot of free time, so I started to think that the time to start a children entertainment company has finally arrived.

It took a while to put it together just right, also because in the meantime I was blessed with a wonderful baby girl that needed a lot of attention. But this gave me a new perspective on the business, I was now a parent and I could better understand other parents who want to have a great birthday party for their children.

I am very proud of my business and I strive continuously to make it better, to give parents and children a great birthday experience, with everlasting memories. I had great feedback from parents, that also helped me to improve my business. I am constantly trying to add new services that will help parents with their parties. I have the chance to work with experienced performers and I am also trying to discover talented performers that can put great shows for the children.

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