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Magic Show

Our Magic Show is for kids 3 years and up and lasts about 20-30 minutes. Sometimes parent envision fire and boring card tricks, no way. The show is kid-oriented with only things they recognize. Our show it strategically written to reach a huge age range of kids and still be funny for the adults to watch since the kids say such cute things.

Magic is the favorite at for lots of ages, especially 4-9th birthday and is often the best choice for 1st birthdays where there are usually mixed aged cousins since babies don’t yet have the homogenous-aged little guests you’ll have more often when kids are turning 3-8 years old.

We think our Magic Show gives a nice focus for the party and gives the birthday child attention, if they want it when we take the dreams and wishes from all of their friends and use them to make a magic birthday gift!
Face Painting

No matter who we’re playing we can all face paint things like Spiderman, dragons, princess crowns, butterflies. That means if we’re playing a princess the boys always love us too. Kids are kids. They care more about what you can do for them than how you’re dressed. Boys not liking the princess is never an issue in reality, we promise.

Don’t underestimate face painting. Kids perceive it as their time to talk with the person they’ve been waiting to their whole lives to meet. We have our most candid precious conversations during face paint, “I love you Cinderella.” Or confessions from a child with an ambivalent little face, “I have a new baby sister Snow White.” “Really? I am so happy for you, I will tell Ariel too, she has lots of sisters. You seem like you’ll be a great big sister!”
Balloon Twisting

No matter who we’re playing we can all twist balloon shapes both boys and girls like. We make swords, airplanes, poodles and even tails the kids can wear to match if they’ve been face-painted as an animal like a tiger or kitty! Balloons are great because every developmental stage loves them. The solos 12 year old boy cousin wants a balloon sword to defend himself, the teenage sister asks for a balloon flower or grandmas frequently say, “We didn’t have things like this when I was a kid.” We respond by making her a balloon flower and posing for a photo together! Get a picture of your mom with Snow White and a balloon flower - or Grandpa in a zany balloon hat with the birthday boy. Priceless.
SingALong Circle Time

Do your kids love to sing along to nursery rhymes? Do they love to wiggle and bounce to music? Then this just may be the perfect activity for you! Our Toddler Sing & Dance activity is 15-20 minutes of just that--singing and dancing along with your favorite toddler songs.
Party Games

From toddlers to tweens, we have games to entertain everyone! Each performer knows a variety of games to play that are appopriate for different age groups, space, etc. Many of our games can also readily be tweaked to fit varying ages. Some of our games include different variations of Freeze Dance, Duck Duck Goose, Parachute Games, Hot Potato, Cow Tag, Bulldog Tag, Head/Catch, and Statue. We often will change well known games up for younger children to fit the theme of their party--for exmaple, "Duck Duck Goose" may become "Pretty Pretty Princess." This way, we don't confuse them with new rules, yet we are still keeping within your theme. With older children, we have flexibility to play more complex games to give them more of a challenge. 30 minutes of Games is a great way to wear the kids out before your performer leaves, and you can end your party with cake!
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